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Aston Martin Vulcan–Heavenly Masterpiece Built in a strictly limited run of just 24 cars.

Aston Martin Vulcan Performance

Horsepower (HP)820 HP
MAX: 870 HP
Weight (KG)1350 kg
MAX: 1290 kg
MAX: 1,73
0-100 Acceleration (seconds)3,6s
MAX: 3,6s
100 – 0 Braking (meters)28m
MAX: 26m
Aston Martin Vulcan Wheel
Aston Martin Vulcan Performance
Aston MartinVulcan
Engine CodeNo Data
Displacement7.0l V12
Aston Martin Vulcan Engine Curve
Engine Curve
Aston Martin Vulcan Transmission Curve
Transmission Curve

Aston Martin Vulcan Upgrades

Aston Martin Vulcan General Parts & ECU

ecu racing master ECUBlueprints
Stage 010
Stage 0240
Stage 0360
Stage 04100
Stage 05?
upgrades layout all
UpgradesGeneral Parts x 5Total
Level 1StockStock
Level 2??
Level 3??
Level 4??
Level 5??
general part racing masterTotal?

How to unlock & upgrade?

  1. Get Aston Martin Vulcan from RM Auto EXPO
  2. Buy Aston Martin Vulcan ECU Blueprints in Store – Item Redemption

Aston Martin Vulcan Blueprint
Aston Martin Vulcan Blueprint

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Aston Martin Vulcan Info

Aston Martin Vulcan–Heavenly Masterpiece Built in a strictly limited run of just 24 cars, the Vulcan is a hypercar by famed British car maker Aston Martin that was officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015. A track-only model that can only become road-legal through a series of modifications, the roar of its engine exceeds the noise limit of many circuits. Aston Martin Vulcan is designed specifically to delight elite drivers looking for the ultimate thrill of speed. Vulcan is the name of the Roman god of fire and smithery, and many of the exquisite artifacts wielded by the gods were his masterpieces.
Working inside a volcano, every strike of his forging hammer shakes the earth and splits out fire and lava. Legend has it that Vulcan had an ugly face and walked with a limp, but that was simply not true. The ancient people described him as having a monstrous body only in testament to his strong and magnificent physique. Therefore, the name Vulcan is synonymous with precise and powerful machines. Avro Vulcan, used by the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom between 1956-1984, was the most powerful bomber of its time. Aston Martin has chosen Vulcan as the name of its hypercar not only to highlight its outstanding performance, but also to pay homage to Britain’s glorious industrial past.
Aston Martin Vulcan features a carbon fiber body, a front mid-engine and rear-wheel-drive layout, race-derived pushrod suspension, Michelin 345/30/R19 rear tires, a 7.0-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine, and a 6-speed sequential transmission. This beast can deliver up to a horsepower of 820hp, accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than three seconds, and reach a top speed of 320km/h.
In order to own this power machine, prospective owners have to fork out around 1.8 million pounds and undergo intensive driving training to ensure that they handle the Vulcan and experience every aspect of its performance. Those who paid the exorbitant price needed for Aston Martin Vulcan got themselves more than just a racecar, but also access to Aston Martin’s full range of services.
In the first year after the Vulcan was delivered, the British automaker organized three large-scale Owners Club races. All the Vulcan owners had to do was to arrive at the venues. Aston Martin took care of the transportatioj of their cars and space rental, and provided a service crew, racing coaches and food and accommodation accommodation throughout the events. Darren Turner, a three-time winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans and former driver for Aston Martin Racing, personally delivered on-site training to the Vulcan owners.
Although the Vulcan comes at a price, owning this car and enjoying the services provided by Aston Martin is an experience that is simply priceless. The unique head anttail lights design of the Vulcan is sure to catch the eye. Called “Light Blade” by the car manufacturer, they glow like red hot metal when lighted.
The unsuppressed sound of Aston Martin Vulcan’s V12 engine is like a majestic horn that mesmerizes everyone in its wake. This industrial masterpiece is the crystallization of human wisdom and the eternal pursuit of ultimate speed. No matter what the future holds for the automotive industry, the Vulcan has already written its place in history.


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