Racing Master 3. Beta

Release Date: July 13, 2022 – Open to Canadian Players & Android Only

Beta Test 3: July 13, 2022 – August 21, 2022

Version: 0.2.0

System Requirements

For Android

  • Android version: 5 and above
  • Ram: 4 GB +
  • Storage: 20 GB & more
  • Processor: Snapdragon 820 and above


Content & Changes

  • 3 New Tracks (AMSTERDAM, Tuscany, Ice Track)
  • 15 New Vehicles Added
  • 6 New Modes Added (STORY, Team Management, Rmland, Rm Weekly Open, Track Show)
  • Events Tab Added
  • Free And Deluxe Battle Pass Added
  • New Character Customization And Outfits Added
  • Clubs & Club Challenge Added
  • New Currencies Added (DESIGN Voucher, Rmland Coupon, Wish Point, Contribution Stamp, Goodwill Medal
  • Exp Added (DEBUT Ep, Race Tour Activity Exp)
  • New Menu Ui Design
  • New My Cars Ui Design
  • Port Renamed Rm Auto Expo
  • Rm Expo Gacha System Changed
  • Racing School Renamed To Tutorial
  • Track Experience Renamed To Drills
  • Cash Now Used For Team Management Only
  • X-Gold Renamed To Gold
  • Vehicle Performance Overhaul
  • Drift And Handling Model Balancing Tweaks
  • Graphical And Game Performance Tweaks And Improvements
  • Achievements Reworked
  • Novice Guides & Missions Reworked
  • My Objectives Added To Missions
  • Monetization Added
  • New App Icon

Patches during Beta 3

July 14, 22

  1. Fixed The Issue That The Game Will Crash On Some Qualcomm Gpus
  2. Made The Story Mode Easier. For Levels With Targets On Reducing Collisions, Drivers Crashing Into Other Npcs Will No Longer Be Counted As Collisions

July 15, 22

  • Fixed The Issue That Caused Players To Be Stuck In Story Mode At The End Of Chapter

July 20, 22

After The Maintenance, Six Awesome Cars Will Be Available In The Store For A Limited Time. Tap Store->Item Redemption To Check Them Out:
Extreme Group: Lamborghini Aventador Svj (14,980 Diamonds), Ferrari F8 Tributo (5,240 Diamonds).
Sports Group: Nissan Skyline Gt-R(R35) (10,480 Diamonds), Chevrolet Corvette (C8) (3,670 Diamonds)
Standard Group: Mazda Rx-7 Spirit R Type A (5,990 Diamonds), Mini Jcw Gp (2,090 Diamonds).
The Flash Sale Will End At 23:59:59 Edt On July 27, 2022, So Don’t Miss Out!

BUGS Fixed

  1. Fixed The Issue Where Wrong Rewards Are Sometimes Issued In Team Management System.
  2. Fixed The Issue Where Drivers Could Become Stuck In Some Scenes.
  3. Fixed The Issue On Lobby Showcasing After Drivers Redeemed A Car In The Store.
  4. Fixed A Crash That Could Occur In The Lotus Exige Cup 430’S Playback.
  5. Fixed The Issue Where Drills Leaderboards Could Not Be Checked.


  1. Team Management:
    Adjusted The Limitations For Some Races.
    Optimized The Ui For Car Selection.
  2. Story Mode:
    Drivers Now Do Not Need To Load Before Entering Chapter 1-4 And 1-5.
    Optimized Chapter 1-5 And Reduced The Race Time.
  3. Improved Car Stability After A Collision.
  4. Cars:
    Porsche Panamera 4s: Enhanced The Handling Performance During A Drift.
    Ford Mustang Gt: Improved The Drift System.
    Aston Martin Db11: Optimized The Car Physics.
    Lamborghini Aventador Svj: Balanced The Car And Increased Horsepower.
  5. Iap Items Are Now Priced In Canadian Dollar.
  6. A Dot Will Appear On The Pull Button In The Rm Auto Expo As A Reminder If You Own Any Silver Key.
  7. Optimized The Level-Up Reward Interface For Drivers Who Have Not Purchased The Deluxe Battle Pass.
  8. Reduced The Difficulty Of Obtaining Basic And Bonus Rewards.
  9. Reduced The Cut-Off Line For Some Track Leaderboards.
  10. In Ranked Mode, Drivers Will Not Be Matched With The Same Car Group Or The Same Track In More Than Three Consecutive Races.
  11. Added The Tier Point Redemption Entry On The Ranked Mode Interface.

July 28, 22

BUG Fixes

  1. Fix Relevant Stability Issues.
  2. Fix The Issue Where Ghost-Car Mode Cannot Be Activated In A Race.


  1. Optimize The Novice Guide And Player Experience In Leveling Up.
  2. Make It Easier To Activate Ghost-Car Mode During An Accident/Intentional Collision.
  3. Upgrade The Visuals For The Mazda Mx-5’S Paint Finish.
  4. Adjust The Difficulty Of Some Challenges In Rmland.

August 4, 22

New Event

  1. Add A New Login Event That Allows Drivers To Collect 1 Silver Key Each Day. Drivers Can Collect Up To 10 Silver Keys In Total.


  1. Quadruple Rmland Coupon Rewards For A Limited Time And New Releases In The Rmland Store! Drivers Can Now Use Rmland Coupons To Redeem Silver Keys (MAX 2 Silver Keys Redeemable Per Week).
  2. Drivers Can Now Use Tier Points To Redeem Silver Keys (MAX 10 Silver Keys).

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix The Issue Where Some Chapters Cannot Be Completed In Story Mode.
  2. Fix The Error That Occurred For The Preview Of Car Manuals.
  3. Fix The Error In The Roof Opening Animation Of Convertible Cars.
  4. Fix The Issue In Drills Mode Where Drivers Will Crash Into The Ghost Car When Starting A Race.


  1. When Drivers Complete 6 Daily Or Weekly Missions, There Will Be A Special Effect For Diamond Collection To Remind Them To Collect The Reward.
  2. Optimize The Information Reminder In The Rm Auto Expo Interface.
  3. Slightly Increase The Horse Power Of Honda Nsx (NA1) To Make It More Competitive.

August 11, 22


  1. Add A Button To Hide Ui When You Interact With Your Car In The Lobby.
  2. Optimize The Performance Boost For Cars Falling Behind In A Race For All Pvp Modes.
  3. Ranked Mode Will Now Be Unlocked At Driver Lv.6.
  4. Tutorial Will Now Be Unlocked At Driver Lv.5.
  5. Rmland Will Now Be Unlocked At Driver Lv.10.
  6. Optimize The Motion Effect For The Limited-Item Interface In Store.
  7. You Will Be Able To Select Whether You Are A Novice Or A Veteran During The Character Creation. Your Choice Will Influence The Driving Mode And Novice Guide.
  8. All Cars Will Be Graded And Rated In Performance. Relevant Information Will Be Displayed In Car Interface Or During Car Selection Before A Race.
  9. The Driving Assistance Will Be Optimized. With Strong Driving Assistance, You Will Steer Around Corners More Smoothly.
  10. Handbrake Assistance For Drifting Will Be Added To Avoid Speed Loss Caused By Taping And Holding The Handbrake Button.
  11. Optimize The In-Race Button Layout.
  12. Clubs Can Now Be Disbanded.

[HOTFIX Compensation]
100 Diamonds
You May Claim The Compensation After The 08/11 Hotfix In Your Mailbox.

Official Trailer

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