1) MODE:
Need a break from grinding for speed? The array of arcade modes in RMLAND have you covered! Play as single player or team up to rediscover the simplistic fun of just driving.
Arcade modes currently available in the RMLAND will rotate every Monday at 05:00.
Basic reward: Each arcade mode has a basic target. Completing any basic target will grant you RMLAND Coupons as rewards. Bonus reward: Each arcade mode also has bonus challenges that refresh every week. Completing any bonus challenge will grant you bonus rewards. First-complete bonus: Completing any basic target for the first time each week will give a boost to your basic rewards. You can only enjoy this boost once in each arcade mode per week.



  • 1.1 Source Amout of coupons granted may vary across different arcade modes. Please tap on each arcade mode for details.
  • 1.2 Use: RMLAND Coupons can be redeemed for items in the RMLAND Store.
  • 1.3 Weekly cap: There is a weekly cap for RMLAND Coupons. When the weekly cap is reached, you can continue racing in the arcade modes but cannot claim more RM Coupons in the same week. Every Monday, the weekly cap will be reset.
  • 1.4 RMLAND Coupons can be accumulated and will not expire.


  • 2.1 Source: When you join a two/multi player match as a team, and your weekly cap for RMLAND Coupons has been reached, completing any basic target will grant you Goodwill Medals.
  • 2.2 Use: Goodwill Medals can be redeemed for items in the Store under redeem items
  • 2.3 Weekly cap: There is a weekly cap for the amount of Goodwill Medals granted by arcade modes in the RMLAND. When the cap is reached, you can continue racing in the arcade modes, but cannot claim more Goodwill Medals in the same week. Every Monday, the weekly cap will be reset.
  • 2.4 Goodwill Medals can be accumulated and will not expire.


    RMLAND Coupons can be redeemed for items in the RMLAND Store
    Every Monday at 05:00 in the RMLAND Store.


I. Grouping:
Extreme Pursuit is a 2-minute race with no distance limit. A total of 8 drivers can take part in the race, including 4 defenders, 3 breakers and 1 pursuer.

  • 1. Defenders: Start the race in first place with a standard car and protect the lead to the finish.
  • 2. Breakers: Start in the middle with a performance car with the aim of overtaking the starting cars without being overtaken.
  • 3. Pursuer: Start in last place with an extreme car and try to overtake as many drivers as possible.

II. Special rule:

  • When a defender becomes the first to pass a checkpoint or when a breaker eliminates an opponent, the car’s performance will be enhanced with the sports mode limits lifted!

III. Ranking:

  • 1. Defenders and breakers: Drivers get points based on mileage, captures and number of opponents eliminated, and are ranked based on their total points. Drivers who are ousted mid-race will not get any point and will be ranked last based on the time they were eliminated.
  • 2. Pursuer: The driver will get points based on the number of opponents eliminated and a performance rating. However, the driver will not be ranked.

Ice Drift

I. Welcome to Ice Drift!

For all you drift lovers, Ice Drift is the place to be. Here, drifting is everything! Use whatever drifting skills up your sleeves to score as many points as possible.

II. How to score
In Ice Drift, there are three ways to score: Maintain a drift, score at the Gate and score at the Smash Swirl.

  • 1) Maintain a drift: Scores will be counted separately for each drift, and scores gained will be multiplied for longer drifts, bigger drift angles and faster speed during the drift.
  • 2) Score at the Gate: There are 20 Gates formed by red and yellow banners on the track. If drivers drift through the Gates, they will get scores depending on the distance between their car’s rear to the red banners.
  • 3) Score at the Smash Swirls: Smash Swirls are swirling yellow structures that give the most scores in a single instance. Drivers need to smash into the them while drifting to score.

Drift away and score big on the ice!

Team Elimination

I. Teams:

  • 32 teams will participate in the Team Elimination Race. Each player must compete in 4 elimination races. Each elimination race will have 4 teams taking part and 2 of these teams will be eliminated. This stage ends when the 32 teams are reduced to 2 teams

II. Elimination Rules:

  • 2 teams will be eliminated each round_ The team ranked last at 45s and 75s after the race starts will be eliminated.

III. In-race Rankings:

  • Players earn points according to their personal ranking in the races. Team ranking is based on the total score of its members.
  • 1st place: 10
  • 2nd place: 7
  • 3rd place: 6
  • 4th place: 5
  • 5th place: 4
  • 6th place: 3
  • 7th place: 2
  • 8th place: 1
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