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The Infiniti Q60 is a 2 door sport luxury coupe manufactured by Japanese automaker Infiniti.

Infiniti Q60 Performance

Horsepower (HP)300 HP
MAX: 408 HP
Weight (KG)1.776 kg
MAX: 1.634 kg
MAX: 1,54
0-100 Acceleration (seconds)6,1s
MAX: 4,5s
100 – 0 Braking (meters)37m
MAX: 31m
Infiniti Q60 Wheel
Infiniti Q60 Performance
Infiniti Q60 Performance
Infiniti Q60 Performance
Infiniti Q60Info
Engine CodeVR30DDTT
Displacement3,0l – V6
Torque400 nm
Infiniti Q60 Engine Curve
Infiniti Q60 Engine
Infiniti Q60 Transmission Curve
Infiniti Q60 Transmission

Infiniti Q60 Upgrades

Infiniti Q60 General Parts & ECU

ecu racing master ECUBlueprints
Stage 010
Stage 0240
Stage 0360
Stage 04100
Stage 05?
upgrades layout all
UpgradesGeneral Parts x 5Total
Level 1StockStock
Level 2??
Level 3??
Level 4??
Level 5??
general part racing masterTotal?

How to unlock & upgrade Infiniti Q60?

  1. Get Infiniti Q60 from RM Auto EXPO

Infiniti Q60 Blueprint
Infiniti Q60 Blueprint

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Infiniti Q60 Info

The Infiniti Q60 is a 2 door sport luxury coupe manufactured by Japanese automaker Infiniti. It is the successor to the Infiniti G coupe and convertible. The Q60 nameplate was first used to rebadge Infiniti G coupes. This came about when Infiniti former president Johan de Nysschen cited the need for “a new identity and direction to promote consumer familiarity with our model range as we expand the portfolio.” Beginning in 2014, all passenger cars would be “Q” followed by a two-digit number. Those numbers would correspond to the vehicle’s position in the Infiniti hierarchy.

The new generation Q60 concept was unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show. The production-ready model was released at the 2016 North American International Auto Show as a 2017 model.

The vehicles went on sale in the end of 2016 as models for 2017. Early models included 2.0t, 3.0t (304/405PS).[6]

American models went on sale as model year vehicles for 2017. Early models included 2.0t, 2.0t AWD, 3.0t (304PS), 3.0t AWD (304PS) in August 2016; followed by Red Sport 400 and Red Sport 400 AWD later in September 2016. 3.0t Sport and 3.0t Sport AWD went on sale in December 2016. Europe models were set to go on sale in October 2016 as a model year for 2017. Early models included 2.0t, followed by 3.0t (405PS).[11]

The 2017 Q60 received many major upgrades like a lower and wider body, introduction of second generation Direct Adaptive Steering, Drive Mode Selector with custom settings profile, hydraulic electronic rack and pinion power steering system standard (2.0t), introduction of Dynamic Digital Suspension, retuned seven speed automatic transmission, Active Grille Shutter in V6 engine models, and for the first time, all new turbocharged engines. The Q60 Convertible was discontinued for the second generation.

Following the redesign, the new Q60 is able to have a drag coefficient of just 0.28, and zero front and rear lift. This allows the vehicle to remain stable at high speeds and in crosswind conditions. This is due to the all-new Active Grille Shutters, which help balance the engine’s cooling requirements while also enhancing aerodynamics. The grille shutters remains closed under normal use, and open up when greater performance is required.


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