Sicily City

Sicily City, italy Italy, Europe

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 21871m130m12

Sicily City Cornering Guide

Sicily City Sector 1 – 611m
Sicily City S1
1. Keep slightly to the left. At the point where the barriers change, start drift to coast through Turn 1. Avoid the turning point that protrudes from the right.
2. Turn 2 is a hairpin turn. Brake at the buffer and drift through.
3. Turn 3 has a relatively large corner radius, so you can drift through it at a high speed than the last corner.
4. Turn 4 is an upslope blind corner. Stick close to the inside wall and drift through
Sicily City Sector 2 – 1286m
Sicily City S2
5. Turn 5 is another blind corner. Drift from the buffer and clip the turning point to coast past the bend.
6. Turn 6 is an S curve. Keep slightly to the right. Steer left at the palm tree to clip the first turning point. The second turning point is a blind slope. Continue to steer right to avoid colliding with the wall on the left.
7. Enters the turn from the left lane and clip the turning point to get past Turn 7.
8. Pay attention to the actual width of the track and navigate through the fake turns at Turn 8.
9. At the turning point of the last left corner of the fake turn, aim for the wall behind the entrance of the tunnel and steer through Turn 9. Keep to the left of the track.
10. When you can see roughly half the tunnel exit, aim for the wall on the right and drift through Turn 10.
11. Follow the track to go past the successive corners at Turn 11.
Sicily City Elevation Change
Sicily City Elevation Change


Sicily City Racing Master

Sicily City Map

Sicily City Route

Sicily City Lap

Sicily City Track

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Sicily, located in southern, Italy, is the largest province in Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is vast and fertile, with a warm climate and beautiful scenery. It produces citrus, lemons and olives. Because of its good natural environment for agriculture and forestry, it was called the “Golden Basin” in history.

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