Sicily Seaside

Sicily Seaside, italy Italy, Europe

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 23600m400m10

Sicily Seaside Cornering Guide

Sicily Seaside Sector 1 – 1093m
Sicily Seaside S1
1. At the brown house on the right, drift to go through Turn 1.
2. Keep to the left. Drift at the red curb through Turn 2.
3. When the car is close to the red tire wall on the right, drift to get past Turn 3.
Sicily Seaside Sector 2 – 706m
Sicily Seaside S2
4. For Turn 4, start drifting into the turn when the trees appear on the left. Adjust the car’s direction mid-drift and go along the fence on the right to drift past the two turning points
Sicily Seaside Sector 3 – 2170m
Sicily Seaside S3
5. At the scrubs on the right, drift and clip the apex to get through Turn 5.
6. Keep to the left. When the car is close to the red and white barriers, drift and clip the apex to coast past Turn 6.
7. Turn 7 is a combination of S curves. Enter the corner from the turning point on the right. Slightly release the throttle midcorner and grip through by brushing the second turning point.
8. After exiting the corner and when the ground surface changes, drift in the opposite direction and clip the apex to navigate past Turn 8.
9. At the red curb on the right, clip the apex and drift through Turn
10. Exit the corner and immediately drift in the opposite direction past Turn 10
Sicily Seaside Elevation Change
Sicily Seaside Elevation Change


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Sicily, located in southern, Italy, is the largest province in Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is vast and fertile, with a warm climate and beautiful scenery. It produces citrus, lemons and olives. Because of its good natural environment for agriculture and forestry, it was called the “Golden Basin” in history.

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