Sicily Mountain

Sicily Mountain, italy Italy, Europe

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 32804m450m11

Sicily Mountain Cornering Guide

Sicily Mountain Sector 1 – 1188m
Sicily Mountain S1
1. Steer past Turn 1. Exit the corner and keep to the right side of the track
2. Turn 2 to 4 are successive S curves. The entry to the first corner is very important. Steer left when the front of the car is pointed at the red wall and approach the turning point on the left. Slightly release the throttle in the middle of the S curve to control the speed.
Sicily Mountain Sector 2 – 1623m
Sicily Mountain S2
3. Turn 5 and 6 are successive turns that can be drifted straight through. Brake gently before the reference point and drift. Take note that as this is a downslope segment, the drift distance will be longer.
4. The car moves faster downslope. Slow down before the point where the stone wall changes and drift through Turn 7
5. Make full use of the wide track to steer through Turn 8 and 9 in arcs.
Sicily Mountain Sector 3 – 966m
Sicily Mountain S3
13. Keep to the right. Slow down before the red curb and drift through Turn 17.
14. At the reference point, drift from the outside to the inside and then back to the outside to navigate past Turn 18.
15. After going past the second pole on the right, drift slightly and adjust the direction of the car to get past Turn 19.
16. Stick close to the turning point on the left to go through Turn 20
17. Turn 21 features successive fake turns. Determine the actual racing line and go past it in the middle.
18. When the detached house appears on the right side, clip the apex on the left to go through Turn 22.
Sicily Reverse Elevation Change
Sicily Mountain Elevation Change


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Sicily, located in southern, Italy, is the largest province in Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is vast and fertile, with a warm climate and beautiful scenery. It produces citrus, lemons and olives. Because of its good natural environment for agriculture and forestry, it was called the “Golden Basin” in history.

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