Tuscany Impulse

Tuscany Impulse, italy Italy, Europe

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 54505m320m14

Tuscany Impulse Cornering Guide

Tuscany Impulse Sector 1 – 1413m
Tuscany Reflection S1
1. Turn 1 has a big radius, so grip through it. Once out of the turn, try to keep to the left.
2. Decelerate when you have reached the flag’s shadow, then drift to clear Turn 2.
3. Keep to the left and start drifting as you approach the iron gate. Stay close to the apex and drift fast, then keep to the right to exit Turn 3.
4. Before entering the turn, grip to head for the apex. Go for a large turning radius, small yaw angle and high speed drift to clear Turn 4, which is a U turn. Pay attention to the steering to maintain the drift.
5. Grip through Turn 5 at full throttle, as you exit, keep to the left, grip and exit the shortcut at high speed. You can go somewhat easy on the throttle to avoid hitting the outer barrier.
6. Drift at the third tree before Turn 6 to clear it. Try to go for a large turning radius and small yaw angle to reduce speed loss.
Tuscany Impulse Sector 2 – 2023m
Tuscany Reflection S2
7. Entry speed is high for Turn 7, so you need to drastically reduce your speed to a reasonable range and drift through the hairpins at low speed.
8. Decelerate before entering Turn 8 and drift through the hairpins.
9. Go for a large turning radius and small yaw angle drift to reduce speed loss and clear Turn 9.
10. Turn 10 has a big radius, so grip to clear it.
11. Once out of the tunnel, decelerate and drift to enter the shortcut for Turn 11. The shortcut is narrow, so control your direction and throttle.
12. This turn consists of consecutive full-throttle turns, so aim for their apexes and grip to clear. You might want to go easy on the throttle or decelerate at Turn 12 to avoid hitting the barrier due to understeering.
13. Slightly release the throttle before the turn, keep to the right and enter the shortcut.
Tuscany Impulse Sector 3 – 1099
Tuscany Reflection S3
14. Drift when you reach the last tree on the right to clear Turn 14. Go for a large turning radius and small yaw angle to reduce speed loss.
Tuscany Impulse Elevation Change
Tuscany Impulse Elevation Change


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Known for its beautiful scenery and rich artistic heritage, it is essentially the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Its artistic heritage includes architecture, painting and sculpture, and is collected by many museums, the most famous of which is located in Florence. Uffizi Gallery, Tuscany is also famous for winemaking (eg Chianti), and there are 120 protected areas (nature reserves) in the territory.

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