Tuscany Resolve

Tuscany Resolve, italy Italy, Europe

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 23157m320m10

Tuscany Resolve Cornering Guide

Tuscany Resolve Sector 1 – 992m
Tuscany Resolve S1
1. Starting steering at the shadow before the turn, grip through Turn 1, and exit full throttle. Control your speed at the apex to avoid hitting the outer barrier due to understeering.
2. Go right at the doorplate for a shortcut.
3. Grip through the shortcut at full throttle, then keep to the left and grip to exit the shortcut at high speed.
Tuscany Resolve Sector 2 – 1036m
Tuscany Resolve S2
4. Aim for the apex of Turn 3 before entering, go easy on the throttle to clear it. Approach the apex of Turn 4 at half throttle, then exit at full throttle.
5. There is a shortcut before the turn.
6. Decelerate in advance as you approach the shortcut, then grip and enter.
Tuscany Resolve Sector 3 – 1128m
Tuscany Resolve S3
7. Once out of the tunnel, aim for the exit and leave the shortcut at full throttle.
8. When entering, as you reach the middle of the track, go easy on the throttle and slightly steer left, as you want to maintain speed. Once you have hit the apex, climb upslope at full throttle.
9. Drastically decelerate at the shadow before the turn, then drift to clear Turn 8.
10. Grip through the 3 apexes.
Tuscany Resolve Elevation Change
Tuscany Resolve Elevation Change


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Known for its beautiful scenery and rich artistic heritage, it is essentially the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Its artistic heritage includes architecture, painting and sculpture, and is collected by many museums, the most famous of which is located in Florence. Uffizi Gallery, Tuscany is also famous for winemaking (eg Chianti), and there are 120 protected areas (nature reserves) in the territory.

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