Chicago Mini Circuit

Chicago Mini Circuit, united-states USA, North America

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 21971m310m8

Chicago Mini Circuit Cornering Guide

Chicago Mini Circuit Sector 1 – 1071m
Chicago Mini Circuit S1
1. Turn 1 is a high-speed corner with a narrowing track. Keep to the right and drive onto the road shoulder. Start drifting at the green gap at the barrier on the right. Increase the slip angle to decelerate quickly. Delay the drift when the car enters the corner from a standing start or when the entry speed is low.
2. Drift right at the start on the road shoulder on the left to coast through Turn 2.
3. Drive onto the road shoulder on the right and start drifting at the brown house on the left to get past Turn 3.
4. The inside of Turn 4 is very wide, so you can drift right through it by sticking close to the barrier on the inside. Use the barrier on the inside as a reference point.
Chicago Mini Circuit Sector 2 – 1083m
Chicago Mini Circuit S2
5. A short distance after the right lane widened, drift left to go past Turn 5. Stay on the left when existing the corner.
6. Grip and steer right past Turn 6. If you have exited the previous turn on the right lane, slightly drift right.
7. Brush the road shoulder on the right through Turn 7.
8. Treat Turn 8 as a big U-turn and drift right through it. Use the start of the inside shoulder as a reference point.
Chicago Mini Circuit Elevation Change
Chicago Mini Circuit Elevation Change

Chicago Track Layouts

Located in the northeastern cor the US state of Illinois and west of Lake Michigan, Chicago is a flat land wit a continental humid climate and four distinct seasons. The city is an important railway and aviation hub and one of the major financial, futures and commodity trading centers in the United States. Since its establishment in 1837 and afoter more than a hundred years of development, it has become a metropolis with global influence.


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