East San Francisco

East San Francisco, united-states USA, North America

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 32883m320m12

East San Francisco Cornering Guide

East San Francisco Sector 1 – 971m
East San Francisco S1
1. Point at the road and drive through Turn 1 which is a fake turn.
2. Drift through Turn 2 like it is a Uturn. Start drifting at the start of the road shoulder on the left. Control the drift angle. If it gets too wide, the exit speed will drop significantly
3. Drift left at the red feather flag on the right to get past Turn 3.
East San Francisco Sector 2 – 488m
East San Francisco S2
4. Turn 4 is slight right bend with a fake turn. Stay on the left and start drifting at the red feather flag. Point the front of the car at the exit of the fake turn to stay on track and navigate through the bend.
5. Stay on the right. At the red feather flag, turn left to clip the apex and drift through Turn 5.
6. Drift slightly at the red feather flag to go past Turn 6.
East San Francisco Sector 3 – 506m
East San Francisco S3
7. Turn 7 is similar to Turn 4. Stay on the left and perform a lowangle drift to the left at the red feather flag. After going past the apex of the fake turn, straighten the car to exit the corner.
8. Don’t stay too close to the right. Clip the apex at the black spot on the left and drift through Turn 8.
East San Francisco Sector 4 – 1126m
East San Francisco S4
9. Keep to the left. Point at the apex and grip through Turn 9.
10. Steer right at the blue tire wall and grip past Turn 10.
11. Turn 11 is a very high-speed wide-radius corner, while Turn 12 is a fake turn that immediately follows the previous corner. When the left lane becomes narrower, stay on the right. Perform a low-angle drift to the right before the road shoulder on the left ends. Point the car at the exit of the fake turn and straighten it to exit the bend.
East San Francisco Elevation Change
East San Francisco Elevation Change

San Francisco Track Layouts

Located in northern California, San Francisco is the second largest city on the west coast of the United State . Known world-wide for its beautiful scenery and unique culture, the city has been attracting a steady stream of tourists for many years with its rolling hilly terrain, a Mediterranean climate, and cool and pleasant summers. San Francisco is a core city of Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, and a cultural, commercial and financial center. It is also birthplace of hte United Nations.


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