Amsterdam Flower Field

Amsterdam Flower Field, Nederland, Europe

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 34412m250m16

Amsterdam Flower Field Cornering Guide

Amsterdam Flower Field 1 Sector 1 – 1340m
Amsterdam Flower Field S1
1. Turn 1 has a big radius, so grip through it. Once out of the turn, try to keep to the left.
2. Turn 2 has a very big radius that requires gripping to clear. Go easy on the steering or you could end up understeering. Steer right at the barrier with the white logo, and go easy on the throttle or decelerate if you have to at the apex.
3. Turn 3 is sharp and you will be coming in at high speed. When you reach the corner at the flower field. keep to the right and decelerate hard, then drift to clear Turn 3. Going too fast could lead to understeering and crashing into the barrier, or driving out of the track onto bumpy grounds.
4. When you approach the grasses, drift to clear Turn 4. Avoid going on the grasses and skidding out of control.
Amsterdam Flower Field Sector 2 – 1631m
Amsterdam Flower Field S2
5. Grip and clip the apex to clear Turn 5, which is an S turn. You can also drive onto the grasses for a better route. At the second bend of the S turn, decelerate and aim for the apex of Turn 6, then drift through Turn 6 at low speed. The apex of Turn 6 is bumpy, so avoid losing control.
6. Start drifting once you are in the windmill’s shadow, follow the apex to drift and exit. You can use the smooth grasses on the inside to drift. When exiting, control your direction and throttle to avoid the bumpy patch outside the turn exit.
7. At the second zebra crossing, start drifting and clear Turn 7.
8. Grip through the 3 S turns. Once out of the first turn, slightly steer left then sharply steer right, then grip through the second and third apexes. You can slightly go easy on the throttle or decelerate to control the direction.
9. Start decelerating at the barrier with logo on the left, then grip through Turn 9 with a big turning radius. Track is uneven midway into the turn, so pay attention to your corner entry angle to keep steady.
10. Grip through Turn 10.
11. Decelerate before entering, then drift through Turn 11, which is a U-turn.
Amsterdam Flower Field Sector 3 – 1439m
Amsterdam Flower Field S3
12. Decelerate at the small slope before the turn, drift close to the apex when you reach the water-filled barrier on the left to clear Turn 12. Keep to the right once out.
13. Once you have passed the iron plank on the bridge, drift close to the apex to clear Turn 13.
14. Slightly adjust your direction, maintain speed and grip through Turn 14.
15. When you have reached the top of the slope, drift to clear Turn 15. Slightly slow down before drifting to have better control and avoid being lifted in the air.
16. Keep to the right, and use a high speed, large turning radius drift to clear Turn 16 before reaching the water-filled barrier.
Amsterdam Flower Field Elevation Change


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The capital and largest city of the Netherlands, located in the countrys western province of Noord-Holland. It is the financial and cultural capital of the Netherlands and has many tourist attractions, including the historic network of canals, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, the red light district, and many cannabis cafes. Amsterdam has gone through the development process from a fishing village to an international metropolis, experienced glory and destruction, and the baptism of world wars. To a certain extent, her history is also a microcosm of Dutch history.

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