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DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 32314m230m12

Yas Marina Mini Cornering Guide

Yas Marina Mini Sector 1 – 795m
Yas Marina Mini S1
1. Depending on the performance of the car, brake at 50m to 100m before the corner. Release the throttle after going past the fork road at the road shoulder. Steer left and brush the apex.
2. Point the front of the car at one car width from the left of the apex. Accelerate and steer to the right. Brush the apex and point the car at the next apex.
3. Release the throttle. After going pass the apex on the left, accelerate and exit the corner by going from the outside to the inside, then back to the outside.
4. Brake gently at the end of the green segment on the right. Navigate through the corner by going from the outside to the inside and then back to the outside. When the car is almost aligned with the track, step on the throttle.
Yas Marina Mini Sector 2 – 1547m
Yas Marina Mini S2
5. Drive towards the left of the track. Steer left at the exit of the barriers on the left. Clip the apex and exit the corner at full acceleration.
6. Depending on the performance of the car, control the speed slightly or continue to clip the apex at full acceleration to go through the corner.
7. Brake fully immediately when near the road shoulder on the left. This corner must be navigated by going from the outside to the inside, then continuing on the inside. Don’t move too much to the left after going past the apex.
8. Control your speed and clip the apex to navigate the turn. The outside of the track is cambered, so it would be hard for you to get back into the race once you go off track.
9. Release the throttle at the point where the green segment outside the road shoulder ends and steer right. Exit the corner at full acceleration after passing through the apex.
10. Move slightly to the left on the straight road. At the road shoulder, brake heavily and steer right to brush the apex.
11. Brake heavily after going past the pile bucket on the right and start a wide turn. Try to step on the throttle after passing the apex to increase the speed while moving straight
12. Before the straight, stick close to the turning point on the left to cut short the distance slightly
Yas Marina Mini Elevation Change
Yas Marina Mini Elevation Change


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Yas Marina Circuit, located on Yas Island, United Arab Emirates, is the venue for the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Designed by Herman Tilke and opened to the public in 2009, its on of the legendary racing, sporting and commercial venues today.

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