Barcelona City View

Barcelona City View, Spain, Europe

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 32753m800m6

Barcelona City View Cornering Guide

Barcelona City View Sector 1 – 1513m
Barcelona City View S1
1. Get through Turn 1 by staying in the middle.
2. When you see the last bus stop on the left, start drifting to coast through Turn 2.
3. Drift at the intersection of the fence and barrier on the right and go through Turn 3 along the road shoulder.
Barcelona City View Sector 2 – 1309m
Barcelona City View S2
4. For Turn 4, start drifting at the street light before the 50m sign on the right and clip the apex of the first corner. At the last orange barrier, drift in the opposite direction to get past the second corner.
5. Drift at the billboard on the left and clip the apex to get through Turn 5.
6. Enter the corner at the 100m sign and grip through Turn 6.
Barcelona City View Elevation Change


Barcelona City View Master

Barcelona City View Map

Barcelona City View Route

Barcelona City View Lap

Barcelona City View Track

Barcelona Track Layouts

Barcelona, located on the Iberian Peninsula and north of the Mediterranean Sea, is the second largest city in Spain. A well-known historical and cultural city in the world, Barcelona has a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and historic sites everywhere. Regarded as the “Pearl of the Iberian Peninsula”, Barcelona is the most famous tourist destination in Spain.

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