Barcelona Sardana

Barcelona Sardana, Spain, Europe

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 32412m800m8

Barcelona Sardana Cornering Guide

Barcelona Sardana Sector 1 – 1322m
Barcelona Sardana S1
1. For Turn 1, start drifting at the last green arrow at the barrier on the right and go through the bend by clipping the apex.
2. For Turn 2, drift at the second tree on the left and navigate through the corner on the outside.
3. Grip through Turn 3, which is an S curve.
4. Keep to the right when getting past Turn 4, which is an S curve, and keep to the left after exiting the corner.
5. Go through Turn 5, which is an S curve.
Barcelona Sardana Sector 2 – 1161m
Barcelona Sardana S2
6. Start drifting at the last green arrow at the barrier on the left and coast through Turn 6 on the outside.
7. After exiting the corner, steer and grip past Turn 7.
8. Drift at the intersection of the fence and barrier on the right and go through Turn 8 along the road shoulder.
Barcelona Sardana Elevation Change


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Barcelona Sardana Map

Barcelona Sardana Route

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Barcelona Sardana Track

Barcelona Track Layouts

Barcelona, located on the Iberian Peninsula and north of the Mediterranean Sea, is the second largest city in Spain. A well-known historical and cultural city in the world, Barcelona has a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and historic sites everywhere. Regarded as the “Pearl of the Iberian Peninsula”, Barcelona is the most famous tourist destination in Spain.

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