Barcelona Mini

Barcelona Mini, Spain, Europe

DifficultyTotal LengthLongest StraightTurns
track difficult 21816m800m5

Barcelona Mini Cornering Guide

Barcelona Mini Sector 1 – 1208m
Barcelona Mini S1
1. Start drifting at the point where there are two feather flags on the left. Following the road shoulder past the feather flags. At the second street light, point the front of the car towards the street light far ahead on the right and exit the turn.
2. After going past the road shoulder on the right, start drifting at the second last through to get through Turn 2.
Barcelona Mini Sector 2 – 1186m
Barcelona Mini S2
3. Steer the car and grip through Turn 3.
4. Brake heavily before Turn 4. Maintain speed at 135 km/h. There is a bump at the road shoulder at the exit, so take note of any changes in grip.
5. Grip through Turn 5. While exiting the corner, make the most of the width of the track to increase speed.
Barcelona Mini Elevation Change
Elevation Change


Barcelona Mini Master

Barcelona Mini Map

Barcelona Mini Route

Barcelona Mini Lap

Barcelona Mini Track

Barcelona Track Layouts

Barcelona, located on the Iberian Peninsula and north of the Mediterranean Sea, is the second largest city in Spain. A well-known historical and cultural city in the world, Barcelona has a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and historic sites everywhere. Regarded as the “Pearl of the Iberian Peninsula”, Barcelona is the most famous tourist destination in Spain.

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